Perspective 08.22.18

Every now and then, things quiet down just enough for clarity to slip in undetected, and for a moment I get to see a glimpse of what lives beneath familiarity. Cliches become less of themselves, more applicable, and understood. Sometimes things have to fall apart to come together. Most of the time, things start right … Continue reading Perspective 08.22.18


Please be a Dream Deferred

Preface: I dream. I dream alot. I've always known this. Its no surprise. Like most people, I dont remember all of my dreams, nor do I remember them in detail. I can remember that I had a dream and roughly what the dream was about but a lot of times the details are fuzzy. There … Continue reading Please be a Dream Deferred

The V

As of 07/29/2018, I decided to stop taking Vyvanse for my ADD/ADHD (as diagnosed). I had contemplated this decision several weeks before I pulled the plug but I hadn’t come up with a plan. Honestly, I still haven’t. I decided to stop taking Vyvanse because the side effects become too expensive. So it has to … Continue reading The V

We The People

Complex also cited two legal and sexual assault experts who explained that a lack of DNA evidence doesn’t necessarily mean what the public assumes it means. “People expect DNA or scientific evidence in every case and the reality is it doesn’t exist in most cases,” Sangamon County Assistant State’s Attorney Sheryl Essenburg said in a … Continue reading We The People