The one thing Ive noticed about some people that grow up poor is that they become comfortable and fear moving ahead and out of their current circumstance. My parents by no means were close to the wealth pool. My mother had 14 brothers and sisters. My Daddy had 6. There was a lot of sharing and some of my aunts and uncles were able to catapult themselves out of the poor country life and into more successful means while some of the others remained in the same towns and cities that boasted very low paying jobs and no modern socialization.

Ive queried my parents over the years why they wouldnt move into a better neighborhood. They always responded with the same answers. The cost of living in better areas was too high…(my response…get a job that pays more), the jobs in those areas arent hiring us…work somewhere that does hire our people and pay well, the police in those areas are bias…this went on for quite some time until I realized that my parents were in fear of change and doing well. There was something fearful about getting out…it meant having to change the things that you were currently doing. It meant having to do more, be stronger, and it also meant that their struggles would become different struggles. Most important…it was CHANGE. My parents like many people feared change and challenge. Ironically, they raised me to be brazen and confrontational of anything that attempted to deter me of my goals and aspirations.
My mother has since passed away and my father took up a single residence in the same area that we lived for more than 15 years. An area that is by no means fit for a retired man and his craft of contracting and fishing. The accommodations leave much to be desired, the culture of people lack respect for their neighbors, and a host of other things that could be better. However, my father is comfortable and fearless. He knows the evils in which he lives currently. He tells me its better to face a Devil that you know rather than go out and get yourself a new strange one.

I understand…even if I dont agree.

Change is good.