Facebook Absence

Im not on Facebook.

I know. I know. Social blasphemy right? I must not have any social skills whatsoever if I cannot manage to get Facebook right?


I must not have a clue of whats going on in the world, who had a baby, who is threatening to kill themselves over a past relationship, who is gay, who is not, who is bi, who is curious, who likes Obama, who doesnt, who wishes who dead, who liked who’s status, who doesnt like who’s status, who’s class reunion was when, who found their long lost relative, who was stalked by a long lost ex, who is so proud of their new baby, who is head over heels in love with their new love, who just graduated, who passed the bar, who didnt, who’s sleeping with the ex of your best friend who is friends with the current victim…who likes Nabisco, who doesnt, who blasted Kraft Foods, who keeps up with fantasy football, who doesnt, who NSA is following and spying on, how facebook doesnt necessarily delete your account but deactivates and stores your information so that in case you change your mind, you can always get back into the fold. How you can always set your account in such a way that people cannot find or search for you.

And how for God’s sake when someone cannot find you the first place the look is Facebook. Im probably missing a lot. Good and Bad. But Im okay with that for now. Granted Facebook is a viable resource for searching for people who probably didnt know they were sought after and definitely a great source for being in someone else’s life, solicited or not. It all seems to be more bad than good for me. Maybe Im not mature or mentally stable enough to take the bold, unshameful, and audacious things people put on Facebook. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never.

Today, Im not on Facebook and Im okay with that.