Write, Just Write

I recently read somewhere that true writers write something everyday, I think it was some self-improvement blog I read. Writing was the example used. Anyway…it went on to say that true writers write everyday. Whether the muse it with them or not, they still write.

The article referenced some of the struggle with daily writing…finding time, opportunity, and substance to write. I suggested scheduling a time to write daily and sticking to it (Im poor at scheduling anything) Im very random and Ive come to understand that this is a very difficult habit for me to break but Im willing to try.

I like to start with identifying the problem in order to find a solution or resolution. Im my case, I think of myself as a writer most due to the action. But when I write, I find myself subconsciously writing for this certain “umpf!”. I write to feel that twinge of excitement, that sense of vigor and edge, or indulgence. I like to feel that when I read what I have written. And when I Dont feel that, I either abandon the task altogether or I end up amassing many unfinished poems and essays.

Im going to try this daily writing…at the same time everyday. Im going to try it. No matter what. If Lady Muse is along for the ride, so be it. If she has chosen to abandon me in my quest, I shall stroke alone.

I’ll write! By God! I will write! Daily! Something! I’ll Write!


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