The Trouble With Giving A Damn

Sometimes when you care, its not always seen that way. A phone call to ask a loved-one where they are can easily be interpreted into you trying to keep tabs on them. A simple request to drive safely or mention of a dangerous habit can spur a heated argument. Not everyone takes being cared about well. For whatever reason some people lash out at those who genuinely care for them. Or they may even take advantage of that kindness. Abusing it or misusing it. That reason is likely to be resolved within them but it puts said care-giver in a precarious position to either mute how they feel (which isnt good) or just stop caring altogether. Emotions arent as easy to slice and compartmentalize. I question whether or not many people are able to separate themselves from themselves in order to properly assess their emotions. We are wholes, comprised of parts but wholes nonetheless. I question myself and my ability to love and care for individuals in my life as their attitude permits. Or do I develop a mechanism for not caring at all while feigning to do so only when its conveniently received…

Sometimes its easier to just not give a damn.


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