The Great Escape

Note: This blog is being written out of frequent frustration and low workplace morale.

Ive decided that it might be time to plot and plan my great escape. Ive never been one for spontaneous career moves, especially now that Im a parent but Ive worked for the same company for nearly six years. The previous company I worked with for 7 years. Of the current ball and chain. Im about 80-85% satisfied but that rolling 15-20 is a stressful lot.
I think Ive been taken for granted as a self starter that will find innovative ways to get the job done. Im come in on time. I leave within a reasonable window of the office’s closing hours. I get along with other overgrown children. I dont ask for much but fair pay and team work but apparently thats asking too much.

Lately I feel like Im in a recurring nightmare. Everyday I see lackluster performances go un-reprimanded. People have no respect for the profession nor one another. The leadership presence seems to be invisible. Select individuals seem to do–literally whatever the hell they want, when they want.

I see people talk endlessly for hours on end, some disappear at random times a day for extended amounts of time. When these things are brought to whatever acting capacity of HR Service we have at the moment I get the feeling its just an opportunity to vent and things never go addressed.

Ive become relatively distracted and extremely frustrated with the environment. Mainly because my job has gotten more difficult more often than its cyclical usual without the “more pay”. and sometimes not even the increase in money can make up for it.

Of course everything isnt all bad. I think Im getting to the point where fighting to get the job done is just no longer worth it or the value here is diminishing rapidly.

Today for example. I one of 2 licensed reps that are available to receive customer calls. Of course accepting customer service calls couldnt be my only function. that would be too easy. But I have a few more takes nailed down in my tent of responsibility that require more concentration and less interruption. Yet, Im gifted with the curse of being able to get it done so most calls go to the person that can solve them right.

Somehow I manage to get it all done. Im not a complainer. No one knows how annoyed and frustrated I am at this point. I carry on. Im that person. I come in on the weekends to mop up whatever spill I left during the week and to make good on any promises Ive left empty on a Friday as I fall into my weekend. There has to be a line.

Im TIRED. Im tired o seeing people barely show up for work on time if at all on some days yet they still seem to work here. Doesnt anyone realize that one person’s absence increases the need for another person’s presence? Its a puzzle people! If you dont put your piece down, I cant put my piece down! Hardly any one gets it.

Asking some people for their help is like asking for a kidney. Even if they had 3 and one was just sitting in their pocket, they’d be too lazy to give it to you.

I must institute the plan. Whether I execute it or not, I must be poised to break the chains, jump the fence, and run into something greater…OR DIE TRYING.




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