Say What?

The problem with talking is…you might be misunderstood.  You put your best tongue forward but there’s just no control on how you are perceived. So what do you do?

No one wants to be labeled the nagger, the argumentative, the complainer, the combative, the pessimist, the sensitive, etc; yet silence is unproductive. Your intentions are simply to be vocal and active. So what do you do?

Do you let it out anyway? If so, prepare yourself for possibility of being issued your “Hello My Name Is:  Insert unintentional action here” nametag or do you quiet yourself? The one thing about hearing nothing is just that NOTHING. If something is quiet long enough it may fail to exist, become unconsidered, or perceived to be in agreement with it ALL.

Of course not everything deserves the mic.  Some things do not warrant vocalization. They may be simple observations making their way through the channels. Perhaps this is the true conundrum… trying to sort the easy speaks from the must says without being misunderstood. Granted, there’s no true control on how another person will comprehend what you say or do. The best course of action is do your best and proceed with caution, lest your new name tag will read: Hello My Name Is: “          “


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