In your daily routine…work, school, charity, etc; find your personal point of pride. Identify the part of your process that you perform with purpose and finesse. It’s your thing. And it’s not that no one else can do it. Sure, another person is capable of the same function but your P3 is owned only by you.

It is noticeably valuable to your environment because it improves the system. And you’ll know its unqualified importance because you may be frequently called upon by your peers to deliver it. They are asking for your help because they recognize your ability.

A friend once told me that we are only as good as our last mistake. Therefore its a must that we hone in on our talents, improve, and multiply them.

Take pride in what you do, especially the things that you do well. Be in constant construction of a better you.



When I was in high school the word “Reference” always reminded me of the ever so dreaded RESEARCH PAPER. Now, it’s become another source of minor angst. Whenever Im applying for a position or completing a professional update I end up spending an unnecessary amount of time on combing through my cellular for a warm body to use as a reference. Then there’s the task of asking for permission to use him/her. Granted, I have plenty but it shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt to locate them. Ive decided to maintain a list of personal and professional references that I can go to on a regular basis. This should save me at least 20-30 minutes of precious job hunting time.

The little gems that we pick up along the path of trial and error are always the most precious.