Let’s Get It Started #ACL

I’ve just reached the first 24 hours since my ACL and Lateral Meniscus repair.

The check-in before the procedure went well. I was asked to disrobe and cover myself with the ever so beloved hospital gown. My underwear, I was told I could keep on. I was then asked to provide a urine sample. . . although I had already informed the staff that I wasn’t pregnant. There after I was given a small marker to write “no” on my right thigh and “yes” on my left thigh.

After I was dressed the IV drip was placed into my left forearm and my teammate and sister were invited into the preop room. This wasn’t a usual privilege but I was the only patient so I was allowed. My teammate had to leave and come back because she got nauseous.

Once they were in and anxious laughs had been exchanged as well as some awkward photos taken, I was apprised of why they were invited in. The nurse needed them to help me remove my panties as the anesthesiologist ordered a local anesthestic. Skivies off, it got real breezy, should’ve gone COMMANDO.

The injection into my leg rendered my nerves incapable of feeling. It literally blocks activity in the nerves.  The anesthesiologist made two injections at the very top of my thigh. My reflexes reacted. My thigh jerked and my knee jumped. And then, there was nothing. No movement. As limp as a noodle my leg just lay there. I was asked to recite my name and date of birth while another nurse put a circulation stocking on my right leg.
Then two nurses came to I introduce themselves. The anesthesiologist cracked a few jokes as he put a small amount of sedative into my IV. My doctor…also my surgeon and his PA came in as well.  My guests were asked to leave and I was wheeled away.


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