A Page From The Book of LeBron

Technology has been the gift and the curse of making us available and connected to several outlets at once. We can tweet, update our statuses, blog, check in, share photos and videos of our lives with the world, and even share what we are watching on TV. We are hereby connected to any and every being with opposable thumbs and an internet connections. When I visualize this with imagination, I picture myself with a bunch of outlets sprouting from my brain with cords attached to every app that I use. How segmented of me! How distracting!

With so many piece of us flying across the web back and forth between ISPs and LCDs its no wonder LeBron James disconnects from the world during Playoff Season.

Whenever LeBron makes the playoffs, he offically signs off from every social media outlet that he uses. No tweeting, No Instagram Posts, No doing it for the Vine. No Facebook updates, No cellular phone, No TV. He completely detaches himself.  He goes into full “Playoff Mode”

With all the cords cut he is able to increase his focus percentage to his goal. CHAMPIONSHIP. I have nothing but respect for this process. And it seems to work. Miami has won the last two NBA Championship titles.

Which leads me to wonder…how much more focused, productive, and successful could we less popular people be if we took a page from the book of LeBron and disconnected ourselves from all social media during such times of challenge.

Of course some of us are diehard tweeters, Instagrammers, and 4 Square Check-In Gurus. It would be a feat to simply go a day, let alone weeks without social media but its well worth the try.


As of today, Im going to disable all social media notifications from my mobile phone and Im going to put away my ipad. I’ll even try to eliminate TV. Let see how much more I get done.


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