There’s A Penalty For the Truth: This is why people lie (Take 125679452331321)

How many times have you opened up about something or gave an honest response to a situation and immediately thereafter you felt as though you were better off just LYING or not saying anything at all?

Lets just cut to the meat of this. Michael Sam kissed his beau on national tv. Consequently, there’s been an abundance of comments on how uncomfortable the kiss was and how much of a negative impact it had on children. Let recount past and current negative impacts on children: We saw Janet Jackson tittay. We’ve seen hours of soft core porn, and lets not get on the inappropriate language that is shown on network tv on a regular basis, the news is the most violent outlet ever, and even cartoons have taken a nasty turn.

Fact: Its 2014. We wont be able to hide the things from our children. We as parents have to become their teachers and give them the version of these occurrences that we want them to have. Ive long committed myself to the reality that my daughter will undoubtedly see and hear things that I would rather her not during times when Im not around. Im better equipped for her understanding of these things if I talk to her about them now rather than later. Kids need to know that they are living in the most alternative times ever. FREEDOM has gone rogue. This means they will not only see some oversexualization and hear some foul language, they will also encounter some same gender intimacies.

Albeit a publicity stunt in my opinion, Michael Sam was honest with himself and the world when he came out. Emphasis on honest. He told the truth.

We teach our kids to be honest, dont lie, tell the truth, dont fake it for anyone yet we are consistently setting examples of why lying is the better option. When we ridicule someone for their honestly and punish another for their reaction to it, we are indirectly saying, LIE. HIDE, DONT TELL ANYONE. WE ARENT TRULY ACCEPTING YOU.

This is two fold though. Truth tellers need to know that not everyone will embrace you and those who respond need to know that not everyone will agree with you…especially if your response is negative and degrading. But you are entitled.

By no means should anyone have to hide themselves but if you choose to disclose what you already know to be a very controversial detail about your private life you have to be prepared for the response.

Personally I believe the entire media world is too bold and has no discretion. There used to be a thing called JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY. I havent seen it in years.

As the media continues to be a contradictory sacrificial stage we will continuously see the assbackwards momentum.




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