Men: Where are you?

I posted this on a message board earlier today and I got minimal response for discussion. Im sure for a multitude of reasons but here goes…


Kevin Durant was just awarded NBA MVP. At the center of his acceptance speech was his mother. KD delivered a heartfelt speech that was just as intense as his game. I was awed by not only his sincerity but his mother’s tenacity.

Shortly thereafter, I thought about how tired she must be…in every sense of the word but less physical. She has to be exhausted to have made the sacrifices that she’s made for the take of preserving a better opportunity for her sons. Like many single mothers, she’s had to wear many hats.

It wasnt until watching some footage from the 2014 NFL Draft did I notice a very disturbing pattern in the realm of professional sports. There were very little to no males; no fathers, uncles, mentors, etc that were along side the select players when they received the news that they had been selected by one of the NFL’s teams.

The following young men were select by NFL Teams in the 2014 Draft. All of them shared the moment with their mother or another family member…but no fathers were featured sharing the celebratory moment.

Jadeveon Clowney, from South Carolina 
Calvin Pryor, from Louisville
Mike Evans, from Texas A&M,
Teddy Bridgewater, from Louisville,
Bradley Roby, from Ohio State,
North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron 
C.J. MOSLEY, picked 17th by Baltimore:
TAYLOR LEWAN, picked 11th by Tennessee:
Blake Bortles, the Central Florida

Of course there are many legitimate reasons why some fathers cannot be present. However, all legitimacies considered, where there no men in the lives of these newly appointed professional athletes? Where there none worthy of sharing such an important moment in their lives? Is there no one male that has been of the same value, made the same sacrifices, showed the same interest and dedication, as the mothers?

After reading a little deeper into the mothers of some of these players, I learned that many of them made unimaginable sacrifices that helped their sons excel in sports and procure a better opportunity in life. I can only speculate that these women endured a lot over the years of growth, learning, and maturation of their sons. Im certain that times were not always as pleasant as Draft Day.

Still I can only wonder…albeit a heartbreaking wonder…if these young men had older men along side them during their journeys. Besides coaches, athletic directors, and peers, was there a male that played just as significant of a role as their mothers? And if so was he present on Draft Day? Why was he not featured, recognized, mentioned?

Did I mention that of the players mentioned, 90% or more minorities?

This is just the tip of the iceberg but perhaps I will start the search…

Men? Where are you?


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