Mother Daughter Lessons

As a kid I was a tomboy. I had a great relationship with my Daddy. I went to work with him, I went fishing with him, I went hunting with him, I went to the pool hall with him (only because a family member owned it and I could shoot pool before the hardheads came in), I went lots of places with my father. Wearing a dress and sandals…no matter how much my momma coaxed and pleaded wasnt in my plans. I couldnt reel in my catch while trying to hold down my skirt. I rode my bike for miles and hours around the neighborhood and I walked a lot. Things kids do. Shorts, pants, jumpers, t-shirts, tennis shoes, and boots were the most likely attire. Rarely dresses and skirts. The only time I was forced to do so was when entering church, going to prom, or when mother simply had enough of my motley face and skinned knees.

I eventually learned the art of a nice mini skirt and heels but I still have an affinity for a nice pair of sneakers and a soft cotton tee. Ive become more versatile. As a parent. As a mother…I want my daughter to know that she has the option to choose how she would like to dress herself. More importantly I want her to know the proper way to adorn herself.

As females we ride a roller-coaster of emotions throughout life. There’s puberty, PMS, Sexual Peaks, Menopause, etc. These things effect how we feel and see ourselves…this how we dress ourselves. Top that off with the cherry of dating and wanting attention from males. The result can inevitability be hit or miss.

I will never have the answer or anecdote for my daughter but I want her to be in the KNOW. Thats my job. To make sure she knows what to do and if she chooses not to do it…she gets to experience the end result.

What you see is likely what you get.

If you are dressed like a harlot, you will be treated like a harlot.

You don’t get to choose who is attracted to you so beware.

The way you are dressed may attract some unwanted attention.

Perception is realty.

The way people perceive you by way of how you look is what they will think of you. More importantly, decide what impression you want people to walk away with when they leave you. Decide how you want the world to see you.

Your health is your wealth.

As a woman, some of the things you wear can affect your health if they aren’t the correct size and material. Take care of yourself, inside and out.

Save something for later.

When you become a woman and you begin to date. No man wants a woman that has been seen and/or had by a multitude of people. And if he does, he is either rare or just passing through. Save something for the privacy of your own relationship. Have something to share with your mate that hasn’t been shared with anyone else.

Be properly Influenced

Just because your friends are wearing it doesn’t make it a good idea. Evaluate and decide.

With a plethora of examples in my arena, I managed to learn the lesson in time. Even at 32 years old I toe the line sometimes. Being sexy and provocative is a responsibility that a woman has to be prepared for. Hopefully I can pass these principles along to my daughter and she adheres to them.




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