You’ll Never know.

If there is anyone out there questioning the continuous acts of violence against African American men in the United States, please let him come forward. Let him speak on his doubt. Let him draw accurate conclusions that render the deadly force being used by those hired to protect and serve as justifiable. Until you have shared a home, block, borough, bungalow, project apartment, street corner, school, family, or employer—until you have been one of the oppressed, you will NEVER know how it feels to be targeted, hunted, and slaughtered. You will never know the rage that flows through your veins after someone looks you in your face square and tells you he was justified in killing your loved one. You will never know the hurt and hatred that builds when your shortcomings are now your cause of death. You will never know distrust. You will never know the fear of not being able to dial 911 for fear that your call for help may be your unintentional suicide. You will never know the confusion of teaching your children how to discern a safe police officer from a corrupt one. You will never know the disposition of a victim of racism and inequality of this measure. EVER