Ray Rice

We set our young men up for failure when we provide them the means of a king when they have lived their lives as pheasants and paupers. Some of our professional athletes are unable to make the most difficult life decisions as it relates to their new lifestyles. They have opportunities and exposures that they didn’t have before and if they haven’t been taught how to handle those things, their lives result in disaster after disaster.
Professional Athletes are REGULAR people with IRREGULAR money. They just so happen to be famous as well. That means their mistakes are magnified and spread about vigorously. That means not only those closest to them get to pass judgment and lend their two cents, so does the rest of the world. They are weighed down with rules and expectations that they never had before. And NO! this doesn’t mean they deserve a pass but the powers that be have to take responsibility for the environment that they host.

Message to Ray Rice: You made a terrible mistake. Don’t let the world prosecute you and your family. This is by far your biggest testimony. This is an opportunity for you to show the generation that is following you how to avoid mistakes and recover from them. You may not see it now but this is a platform for you to show your true strength of mentality. People are smearing your name right now but you will survive. You can turn this into triumph. There are no words to express how your wife may be feeling right now. She may be very hurt and very embarrassed. Whether you remain spouses or not, always remain family. It will be a struggle but you must maintain. You will maintain. Use this chapter of your life to start a new chapter for those that are following you. You dont deserve a pass but you DO deserve the right to make a mistake, experience the consequences, and move forward in life.


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