Unincorporated Me: Unit 1

Disclaimer: You should read these in their unit number  order, you might miss something vital.

Premise: This blog post initially started with my compliantesque observances while at work. It was long drawn out and very detailed. I toe the line between being a jerk and simply telling the truth while expressing my frustrations. I didn’t want this to be an epic of throwing people under the bus but inevitably some people will find tire tracks on their backs by default. I have 3 intentions with this project.

 1) Enlighten business owners, corporate businesses, employees, employers, and anyone who has found themselves a hamster in the wheels of Corporate America about the perils and perks of not operating your organizations with consideration of all individuals who play a part in its success.

2) Vent without persecution. Let’s face it, our families and friends get tired of hearing about our work woes. This is an opportunity for me to do so without boring anyone to tears or giving the impression that I work in a sweatshop.

3) Force myself into making a change. Once you air your own dirty laundry, its their for you to smell too. And while Ive made a major career change before, it was prior to my being a parent. Now the thought of leaving my company for another is frightening and before I abandon ship, I usually try to patch it up in hopes of salvaging the salvageable.

All things considered, I love my job, give or take a few inconsistencies. My only complaints have to do with organization, chain of command, and the people. Of course, the people.

Lately, my frustrations with work seem to be more frequent than not. Im more distracted than usual and its concerning. Im usually a pretty easy going person. I can ignore people and I can roll with the punches but either my muscle is weakening or the workplace blues is becoming more common and acceptable.



If we had a major financial assignment that needed to be approved via wet signature, it would have to wait because the only person that has signing power is out of the country. I wonder if this happens as Fortune 500 Companies like Wal-Mart’s Corporate Headquarters, McDonalds, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Wells Fargo, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Costco…(this is me being a jerk because I know the answer)? Of course not! And this is one of the many partitions that separate company growth in revenue from consistent to stagnant and spotty. In my novice expertise (oxymoron LOL) I study the Income Statements of companies who stock I want to purchase. I pay attention to its revenue pattern. I wonder what caused it to increase and/or decrease. Could it have been avoided? Was there something that happened during the course of business that led to this moment? Was there one day that a major client called to have a request processed but was halted due to the decision maker being out of the office for several days. Did the client decide, “Im going to take my business elsewhere. There’s no way in 2014 that business should stop because one person took a vacation, no way” Although we are a relatively small company (less than 50 employees on site), if we plan to grow, we need to remain fully functional at all times.


©Pussycatgriot 2014


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