Unincorporated Me: Unit 2 The Perpetual Waste of Time in Talk

Talking is the most utilized method of communication. I didnt even have to lookup that stat to believe it. Even next to texting and emailing Im sure talking trumps them both in the numbers. But, when it comes to productivity…how much talking is too much talking? How much can you talk before the conversation goes from informative and necessary dialogue to an absolute WASTE OF TIME?

As a matter of fact, I think some people just come to work to TALK.

One of my coworkers talks to much the office has affectionately instituted a safe-word in order to free ourselves from conversations. We’ve all been held hostage in meaningless drawn out chit chat that seems to NEVER end. Some of us have needed something important from this person and we have delayed it as much as possible just to avoid the Velco Talk. I know what you’re thinking. Why hasnt this person been reprimanded? We have all made mention of this verbally and in writing to the good folks in the corner office and it seems to go unnoticed. If it has ever gotten addressed it was probably a conversation which hardly seems like punishment for this person…for talking seems to me a well liked pastime. This person isnt a loner in their everlasting jawing. There’s one guy that wanders about from office to office to chat with people. Great guy. Just wanders around chatting when others have work to do. Others includes him. There’s been a recent recruitment by the Chatties. We recently acquired a new employee…another chatter. They all chat away. Not that we all dont do it but this is in excess of the usual Monday catch up or the Friday Wrap ups.

We all chat from time to time. It would be awfully awkward not to do so  but some people do not have an internal clock or a sense of awareness about themselves. These people can and will ruin your business. If other employees have brought this to your attention as an employer or leader in the company and you have not been active about eradicating the issue you are a part of this problem. Time wasting is another revenue killer. Lets do the math of 3 hours of excessive chatting.

Estimate this: $$$$$Said Chatter is paid hourly at 20.00 and is worth 40.00 per hour in revenue. Theoretically this person is costing you a potential 120.00 day, 600.00 monthly, 28,800.00 annually. Factor in that you’re also paying this person so you’re paying for something you arent getting and you’re potentially losing money.$$$$$$

The streets calls this HUSTLING BACKWARDS (dont ask me how I know what the Streets say).

Still, this is a realistic issue. Again, we ALL and I mean ALL of us engage in the occasional and likely more than occasional unrelated workplace chatter but when these conversations begin to morph into a threatening beast that your workers avoid, you have a problem. When a safe-word is used to get out of conversations it’s leveled up. Because now this person is wasting their time and the time of others. This is your loss multiplied by all of those affected.

This could not be good for business.

This is not to say that companies need Talk Monitors. Compnies need to assess the communication needs of their staff. Who works with who? Who needs who? and how these people interact with one another. A lot of time upper management doesnt know the function of their employees. This is highly likely in a large company but in an organization of less than 50 people. But even in these large companies, someone has to be appointed to account for employee efficiency. There’s no reason the salary payers of the company should be without job descriptions of their employees. This enables management to assess the time management of departments and their productivity. Some see this as micromanaging. Micromanaging only becomes a negative when it cannot be used to better your business.

Micromanagement a the solution but its a tool that maybe used to reduce and eliminate the talkative time wasters and improve your business model. Although no ones likes to do it nor have it done to them some employees need initial micromanagement so they know whats expected of them.  It may also make them more aware of their time.

This is a microwave society. While you’re business is going at the speed of a conventional oven because its being slowed and stunted by the waste of time, your competitor has popped several bags of popcorn and sold them to his customers by the time your Chatter has wrapped up his/her conversation.

Lets not reduce this to TALKING being a problem. WASTING TIME IS THE PROBLEM.

© Pussycatgriot 2014


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