Dream Reader

I like this assignment…its a bit realistic for me because I literally do have a Dream Reader. We’ve participated in several writing workshops and assignments. Its always been a joy. It never felt like work.I remember Nano WriMo…Awesome time you and I.

You are my Dream Reader and I dont even think you know it. You are my best worst critic. I can always receive truthful feedback from you. I recall my first awarded piece. WE won first place in that essay contest. You were my editor. You cleaned up my mess of ideas and we won. Be it love letters, poems, essays, speeches, emails to my boss, editorials, you’re there with your proverbial red pen determined to make me a better writer. You commit me to my first goal…to become a writer. Before I knew what Journalism and Mass Communications were, I wanted to write. I wanted to write long colorful stories of adventure and nostalgia. I lost touch with that and you resurrected it. You pulled emotion from my poetry and made me a performer. We’ve spent countless hours exchanging pieces of poetry, writing and rewriting and we did it all for fun.We did it for the love of the craft and for the sake of the art.

May literacy, grammar, and fine arts unite us once again.


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