Unincorporated Me: Unit 3 ReceptiNONE

Yes, you read that title correctly. ReceptiNONE is a word I just crafted. It stands for NO RECEPTIONIST EVEN THOUGH there’s a clear need for one and a space carved out in the front lobby for one.

Receptionist: Our office resides in a small upscale office building. We indirectly boast a level of professionalism that rivals most offices. The office layout is an original design. The art pieces were handpicked. Even the tile and carpets were designers. This place isn’t shabby by any means. The guests that we host arent either. We welcome quarterly partnership meetings, wholesaler meetings, client meetings, proposal meetings, etc. You name it its been held here and or it will be. But often upon entering our office…we do not have a receptionist to greet our guests, sign for packages, answer and direct incoming calls, provide assistance to the company leaders, etc. The absence of this component pretty much shames the latter. The receptionist is one of the most important people a company hires. This is the person that your clients and guests will speak to first, they will see him/her first. This person represents what your company stands for and what your company wants to convey. When the first impression of your company is weak this vibrates throughout.

Case & Point: You have a very important meeting scheduled. Your guest arrives to the lobby. He or she cannot get into the actually lobby area because of the security doors so he has to ring the bell. He has to ring it more than once because the receptionist is not present, not at all, not today. He eventually makes his way in by way of another employee who after the 2nd or 3rd time of hearing the bell decides to unlock the doors to let the person in. I wonder what your guest is thinking right now? You are told that your guest has arrived. Thereafter he waits alone until you emerge to being the meeting. What went wrong here?

The office wasn’t prepared for your meeting, your guest had to make his presence known 2/3 times by ringing the bell, and thereafter he is left alone until you arrive for your meeting.
Not to mention phone calls that are routed to the receptionist before they go anywhere else. This is a stall in communication because the receptionist is out so the lines have to roll to other available lines before the caller is assisted…if assisted.

When couriers and delivery persons arrive…its a given they are on a tight schedule. Standing outside someone’s office with packages isnt the best use of anyone’s time but thats what happens when the head of your organization is not present.

Unfortunately an absent receptionist desk is also a target for thieves and scammers. When people see that your company lacks specific key presence its vulnerable.

The Receptionist is the first impression and first impressions are not second impressions on repeat. If your offense is a failure your battle form is doomed.


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