Writing 101: Be Brief, Pass it On!

I brought a jacket from a thrift store. It was classic vintage. Brown rustic soft leather. Silk lining. A bit worn around the seams but that’s the point of vintage.

I wanted to have it cleaned before I wore it. I was ok with vintage but I wasn’t ok with someone else’s b/o. I rechecked the zippers and snaps, both side pockets and the inside pocket. There I felt a piece of paper. I pulled it out. It was an envelope. A small letter envelope with no names. Just addresses. Handwritten.  Both addresses were the same. Odd. I forged ahead.dropped the letter in my purse as I left the dry cleaners and made a mental note to put the letter in the mail later. Maybe someone forgot to mail it. It hadn’t been postmarked.
When I got home I decided to Google the addresses. Turns out they’re nonexistent. I tried several more sites and I began to get curious. I wanted to know what was in the envelope but I didn’t think it was right to open it without trying to find the owner.

I mulled over it for a couple of days, asked some friends what I should do. They were puzzled as to why something to minor was so consuming of my time. I didnt know the answer. There could have been a life changing message, an emergency notification, money! It could have been anything. And Im holding it. So I did what any person in my position would do. I opened it.

One measly sheet of paper with a few lines on it. I started to just throw it away without reading it but I had come this far…why not?

So I read it.


Dear Recipient, if you have found this letter, you have also found opportunity.

I thought…Oh God a damn chain letter! I knew I should have thrown it away!

I continued reading.

This is not a chain letter. Nothing bad will happen to you if you dont pass it along. You wont inherit millions if you do. It will cost you nothing to do what I just did by leaving this note in the pocket of an old jacket. As a matter of fact, I wont even know if you do it or not so you have nothing to lose.

By now Im a bit intrigued so I keep reading…

If you dont believe in love, Im here to tell you that love is real. It is possible to fall in love, love until you’re breathless, fall out of love, and love again but you have to believe that it is possible. If you dont, you’re likely to never experience it. Open your heart to give and receive love. Thats all you have to do. And one other thing…pass it on. 

Ah ha! I thought! This is a chain letter. Damn it!

To no one in particular, in no specific manner, tell someone else how it is possible to love. Even if you didnt know before, you do now. I just told you. And if you already knew, consider this affirmation. Again, if you dont do it, there’s no curse, there’s no reward…pass it on.

So you know what I did right!?

I balled that note up…tossed it in the garbage…and begin writing my own so that I could pass it on!




2 thoughts on “Writing 101: Be Brief, Pass it On!

  1. It’s funny you would write about this. For years I’ve dropped little notes here & there. Few months ago I came across a picture of a Randy Watson (Coming to America) meme wishing everyone a good morning. Printed some up and dropped them in the seats on the express bus going downtown. Heard a few chuckles behind me as folks discovered them. Just one of the many marks I’ve left.

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