Shhh…Dont Say It Out Loud

I have this independent thought that my intentions lose intensity and passion when I speak them aloud. I have this cursed impression that if I share my goals and intentions with someone they suddenly become a deflated balloon. So I began to keep them to myself which isnt difficult by any means but I pride myself on being able to share myself with those I trust. I also like to accomplish the things I declare.

2015 has washed ashore and my feelings about this havent changed. There’s an invalid fear that I will somehow sabotage myself by speaking to my friends about what I have planned or intend to do. I have such high hopes for 2015. I thought back over 2014 and years prior and came to the determination that I have been riding the wheels of a subpar existence. Most things I do just enough to get the job done…just enough to say “I did it”. But one day I woke up and thought…”average, finish, done, and did it” arent going to cut it anymore. I have to try harder, do more, and be better! That is if I want to achieve equivalent result. My average needs to become my PERSONAL BEST, FINISH, DONE, and DID IT should turn into MASTERY. Even if I dont get to those standard bars, the point is that I have moved them up from where they used to be. Those worn notches in my ladder should have spaces in between them, spaces that say Im constantly improving and growing, spaces that say “Thats where I used to be but Im here now”.

While this could all be another case of my Chronic OverThinking, I can definitely say that if Ive done myself a disservice, its been the BEST POSSIBLE disservice I could have done to push myself closer to any goal that I set before me.


The Daily Post: Brain Power

Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

One of my new personal goals is to attempt to respond to things without over analyzing them. Sometimes thinking before I speak turns into an overcooked egg. No one wants to eat that. So why would anyone want to consume my over thought responses. With this in mind, the first thing that I thought of when I read this prompt is acquiring a degree in every field that interests me. If I could push my brain to 90% working capacity…the result would be absolutely beautiful. I enjoy and like to explore so many things!

History, Marine Biology, Greek Mythology, Egyptian Anthology, Religion, Child Psychology, Gender Sociology, Teaching, I could go on!