From my mouth to your ears…

I had a conversation with my boss today. I went into his office with two agendas.

1) give him my honest response to a question he asked me last year thus giving him an opportunity to respond, which is something I hadnt previously done.

2) I needed to speak for myself

Working for a small company, it doesn’t take long for things to make their way through the grapevine. Ive been unhappy for quite sometime. I vented to a few of my coworkers. I had been doing so off and on for the last few years. Sure, it wasnt  the best course of action but I had my reasons.

My boss, being a male, seems to respond differently to his male counterparts than he does women. I dont take offense to this. Ive recognized it for what it is and Ive adapted accordingly. So I vented to people that I knew he would listen to. I knew they would take my grievances back to him.

This netted me some result but it didnt solve the problem I was having. As unresolved issues tend to do…things snowballed.

My frustrations with the actions of another co-worker had reached the end of their road with me. I allowed myself to get so angry…I almost walked off my job with the full intention to quit but since the events leading up to my Geronimo moment had been rescheduled at my request, I figured I’d better stay the course. Otherwise, I’d look like a complete idiot to have called a meeting and simultaneously quit. So I stayed…trying to calm myself from the morning’s events I trudged on with the day.

By 4:30 or so I had calmed down enough to have a brainstorm.

I was ready to quit my job after 7 years with the company for reasons that the President of the company wasnt aware of…at least he wasnt aware of them from me.

This is when I decided to enter my boss’s office so that I could accurately answer his question “How are things in your department? I heard you and (other employee) arent getting along too well.” at the time, I responded inaccurately. Today, I felt that he deserved full disclosure. And thats what I gave him. I told him that I hadnt been happy for quite some time. I was very frustrated with said coworker. She seems to be staunchly against change and detests anything that would effect her exclusive processes, even if those things are for the greater good of the department as a whole. She is disrespectful to some of our sales reps and she does not make good use of her time nor those around her (she is a long winded casual talker).

I explained that what I thought was “dealing” with the issue, was really just “tolerating” the issues. I informed him that I thought my not disclosing these things to him was unfair because it didnt give him a chance to respond and/or address them. Furthermore, I knew that he had heard somethings from other co-workers and I wanted to make sure he heard from me. This would ensure that he received full disclosure and accuracy in the situation.

I didnt expect anything from him perse. I simply wanted to make him aware so that if/when I resigned. He would at least know why. He replied to me with an apology of his own, thanked me for my honesty, and stated how his future plans would rectify the issues that were effecting me as well as his intention of addressing the consistent disregard for company time with excessive conversations.

And that’s where today ended. A confessional with my boss and my plans to continue furthering my career…with or without my current place of employment.


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