Our ability to meet and make friends in a physical setting has become crippled by technology.
Many of us have fully ceased all social interactions of the face-to-face variety and taken comfort in using online social networks to bridge the gaps between friends and family members. Granted, some of us are placed miles away from our loved ones. Still those of us who are within a reasonable reach choose to forego actually being within close proximity. We text. We email. And Post pics to our social outlets and we’re done.

Dating and courting has taken the biggest hit against technology. There are dating sites galore. The act of going out to meet new people has been reduced to uploading a photo, posting a few false description about your personality and waiting for someone, anyone to be impressed enough to reach out to you.
Are we all too busy? Too lazy? Too afraid of rejection?
Our children hide behind the screens of tablets, smartphones, and TVs playing video games and chatting with creepy strangers online. They don’t go outside to play like we did. It’s much easier to decipher an actual 12 year old friend from a paedophile posing as one when you get out and meet in person.

I’ve seen more requests to Snapchat and Kik in the last year than ever before.

What is the world coming to if we aren’t even willing to face our peers on regular basis?