Parenting: Spring Break Day 2 (Where’s The Village?)

Parenting literally is the most thankless job ever.

Imagine showing up somewhere everyday, giving it your absolute very best and these little ingrates still have the nerve to complain and express dissatisfaction. And sure, teaching gratitude and manners is part of the parenting curriculum but I’m sure every mom, dad, teacher, guardian, etc would agree with me when I say, this curriculum is a like the very parenting manual itself, its just a blank page. That page remains blank until the parent realizes there’s a need for the instruction and thus it is born of trial and error.

Buuuut, like loyal gluttons for punishment, most of us continue show up, filled with the most sincerest of intentions hoping for a day better than the one before. And if we are lucky we get that better day. And luck be a lady! Please be a lady.

We pray that on the latter end of these days…when the mandatory hands-on parenting is less of a need, something of value has bloomed withing the souls of our children. Depending on how optimistic you are, that something can be seen as the life that was sucked from your soul as your children were growing up that has now manifested itself in middle-aged bitterness or the very best parts of you that you graciously donated to your children along the way.







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