Catching Up

I was supposed to blog on Monday but…I got distracted.

Monday was the first time in a long time that I disconnected from all of my electronic devices and took a walk. Albeit a short walk, I left my bluetooth headset, smart watch, and cellphone at home, grabbed an old issue of Ebony Magazine with Ava DuVernay on the cover, hitched Yuri to his lease and took off.

During that time I had my face mostly in the magazine…and made a few rediscoveries. The most important being, print literature will always and forever be the most informative form of communication ever and its also the reason why so many people are at a loss for relevant content.

Today, I purchased 2 newspapers. The Dallas Morning News and a Barrons. The last time I read a newspaper, I borrowed it from a coworker to get some information on a stock and to use it for wrapping glass during a move. Ive been threatening to subscribe to the paper ever since.

Social media is great! But its also very cloudy. Nothing will replace the value of knowing whats going on in your immediate surroundings as its delivered by those who are also residents of your immediate surroundings and have saw fit to draft articles of information they have deemed important to their peers.

I think I will actually purchase a newspaper subscription…eventually.

PS. I think I was supposed to include something else in this blog but…Ive forgotten now.