Perspective 08.22.18

Every now and then, things quiet down just enough for clarity to slip in undetected, and for a moment I get to see a glimpse of what lives beneath familiarity. Cliches become less of themselves, more applicable, and understood.

Sometimes things have to fall apart to come together. Most of the time, things start right where they are at that particular time. We seldom notice their positions so we don’t know if they are displaced or not.

We pick up and carry on under the guise that all is well or simply none the wiser of anything awry. Then suddenly things become different, difficult, and uncomfortable. Nothing feels the same and nothing is where it once was before. Hence, things are falling apart or maybe they were already scattered around but we just noticed it at the beginning.

Either way, we must either find a way to get things together, in some semblance of functional order, or walk from the disarray altogether.

The problem with walking away is…nothing changes, nothing improves. It’s just another cycle of rotation in gravity. Things are thrown up in the air, they fall back down again for the next passerby to pick them for another struggle; What if someone stopped to think hey, let’s put these things where they are supposed to go so that no one else has to go thru this again? (What if I acknowledge the problem Im having, presenting, experiencing, and do something about it?), especially when that someone else is likely to be you. Otherwise, it becomes a merry-go-round that soon becomes insanity by any other name.

Do things really fall apart or where they apart when you found them but you just weren’t aware? Take inventory of your things (yourself). Are the in the proper place? There’s always room for improvement and tweaking. Do go fixing something that isnt broke but polishing the present is no crime.


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