All Summer16

The Summer of 2016 started off with a bang in more ways than one.

April left us reeling from the death of Prince. And, the May offered no condolences, dealing blow after blow, in no particular order but each one equally horrendous:

A shooter killed more than 40 people and injured even more at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.


Actor and activist Jesse Williams gave a riveting speech at the BET awards that was so relevant, it prompted some to petition for him to be fired from his job on the hit TV Drama Grey’s Anatomy.


The nation learned that the #FreddieGray trials were resulting in no convictions against the law enforcement officers that were involved in his arrest; the arrest that resulted in his death which was subsequently ruled a homicide. The lack of convictions was just the continuation of many shocking results of the matter as the remaining charges were dropped against the other officers who where involved.


The bones of the #SandraBland case continue to fall from the closet after her death was ruled a suicide last year. Officer Michael Kelley has recently admitted that he was warned not to speak out about some very important facts regarding Sandra Bland’s case. He also revealed that his career was threatened and was told that he would face repercussions if he spoke to Bland’s family attorney.


We also learned–that police officer Eric Casebolt of McKinney Texas would not face assault charges for his behavior towards a 15 year old teen at a pool party in June of 2015. Officer Eric Casebolt was recorded behaving recklessly while responding to a disturbance at the pool party. He is seen waving his weapon around at the crowd of people and then slamming a black teenager to the ground while subduing her with his knee in her back under his body weight.


During a protest in response to the continued racial tensions and police brutality across the nation in Dallas, Texas, a man opened fire on police officers killing 5 and wounding others, including a protester. A brief standoff ensued however it was quickly ended when the suspect was disarmed and killed by an explosive detonation by Dallas SWAT. The media was intent on blaming the outcome of the protest on the #BlackLivesMatter movement while ignoring the very reason someone saw fit that such a movement needed to take place.


As a Dallas native I can say this was very much so a sad, horrific, and tense time. My twitter feed was on fire, the text messages wouldn’t stop coming, and my spirit was on the ropes.

Trying not to give in to my emotions, I left for work the following morning with an intent to maintain a silent protest in hopes that I would be able to get through the day with my office door closed while never speaking a word of the incident to my coworkers. I wanted to just close off and lament the catalyst that started it all: the unresponsiveness of State and Federal Government in cases involving blatant police brutality, racism, and racial profiling. Not to mention the casual feigns of ignorance when it comes to identifying #whiteprivledge

No less than 30 days after the shooting involving Dallas Police officers, two black men #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastilewere were shot and killed (roughly 24 hours apart) by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and St Anthony, Minnesota.



Needless to say, the pattern is more than obvious but the powers that be seem to be blind and deaf. As both are being argued as legal, justified, as well as preventable.

To make an already outrageous and genocide-eque situation worse, another black man, Charles Kinsley was shot by police in Florida while unarmed, with his hands up.


For my entire life, as long as I can remember, Black People have been fighting to receive equality of the most basic means and this struggle has only gotten more intense, more severe, more life threatening, more bloody, and has encouraged groups on either side to rise up their bands to do something about it.

The Black Community has responded with strategic action plans that have gotten the attention of celebrities and professional athletes and resulted in thousands of groups forming to promote and influence change in their communities.

Social media has been flooded with black posters sharing their ideas on resolving the issues and affecting change. There have even been suggestions of boycotts, all black market co-operatives, legal action committees, protests against specific businesses and politicians, and well as the encouragement of more black to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms to protect themselves and their homes.

To paraphrase a quote by one of my favorite singers, Sam Cooke. A Chang Has Come…






The Daily Post: Brain Power

Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

One of my new personal goals is to attempt to respond to things without over analyzing them. Sometimes thinking before I speak turns into an overcooked egg. No one wants to eat that. So why would anyone want to consume my over thought responses. With this in mind, the first thing that I thought of when I read this prompt is acquiring a degree in every field that interests me. If I could push my brain to 90% working capacity…the result would be absolutely beautiful. I enjoy and like to explore so many things!

History, Marine Biology, Greek Mythology, Egyptian Anthology, Religion, Child Psychology, Gender Sociology, Teaching, I could go on!

Unincorporated Me: Unit 1

Disclaimer: You should read these in their unit number  order, you might miss something vital.

Premise: This blog post initially started with my compliantesque observances while at work. It was long drawn out and very detailed. I toe the line between being a jerk and simply telling the truth while expressing my frustrations. I didn’t want this to be an epic of throwing people under the bus but inevitably some people will find tire tracks on their backs by default. I have 3 intentions with this project.

 1) Enlighten business owners, corporate businesses, employees, employers, and anyone who has found themselves a hamster in the wheels of Corporate America about the perils and perks of not operating your organizations with consideration of all individuals who play a part in its success.

2) Vent without persecution. Let’s face it, our families and friends get tired of hearing about our work woes. This is an opportunity for me to do so without boring anyone to tears or giving the impression that I work in a sweatshop.

3) Force myself into making a change. Once you air your own dirty laundry, its their for you to smell too. And while Ive made a major career change before, it was prior to my being a parent. Now the thought of leaving my company for another is frightening and before I abandon ship, I usually try to patch it up in hopes of salvaging the salvageable.

All things considered, I love my job, give or take a few inconsistencies. My only complaints have to do with organization, chain of command, and the people. Of course, the people.

Lately, my frustrations with work seem to be more frequent than not. Im more distracted than usual and its concerning. Im usually a pretty easy going person. I can ignore people and I can roll with the punches but either my muscle is weakening or the workplace blues is becoming more common and acceptable.



If we had a major financial assignment that needed to be approved via wet signature, it would have to wait because the only person that has signing power is out of the country. I wonder if this happens as Fortune 500 Companies like Wal-Mart’s Corporate Headquarters, McDonalds, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Wells Fargo, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Costco…(this is me being a jerk because I know the answer)? Of course not! And this is one of the many partitions that separate company growth in revenue from consistent to stagnant and spotty. In my novice expertise (oxymoron LOL) I study the Income Statements of companies who stock I want to purchase. I pay attention to its revenue pattern. I wonder what caused it to increase and/or decrease. Could it have been avoided? Was there something that happened during the course of business that led to this moment? Was there one day that a major client called to have a request processed but was halted due to the decision maker being out of the office for several days. Did the client decide, “Im going to take my business elsewhere. There’s no way in 2014 that business should stop because one person took a vacation, no way” Although we are a relatively small company (less than 50 employees on site), if we plan to grow, we need to remain fully functional at all times.


©Pussycatgriot 2014

Facebook Absence

Im not on Facebook.

I know. I know. Social blasphemy right? I must not have any social skills whatsoever if I cannot manage to get Facebook right?


I must not have a clue of whats going on in the world, who had a baby, who is threatening to kill themselves over a past relationship, who is gay, who is not, who is bi, who is curious, who likes Obama, who doesnt, who wishes who dead, who liked who’s status, who doesnt like who’s status, who’s class reunion was when, who found their long lost relative, who was stalked by a long lost ex, who is so proud of their new baby, who is head over heels in love with their new love, who just graduated, who passed the bar, who didnt, who’s sleeping with the ex of your best friend who is friends with the current victim…who likes Nabisco, who doesnt, who blasted Kraft Foods, who keeps up with fantasy football, who doesnt, who NSA is following and spying on, how facebook doesnt necessarily delete your account but deactivates and stores your information so that in case you change your mind, you can always get back into the fold. How you can always set your account in such a way that people cannot find or search for you.

And how for God’s sake when someone cannot find you the first place the look is Facebook. Im probably missing a lot. Good and Bad. But Im okay with that for now. Granted Facebook is a viable resource for searching for people who probably didnt know they were sought after and definitely a great source for being in someone else’s life, solicited or not. It all seems to be more bad than good for me. Maybe Im not mature or mentally stable enough to take the bold, unshameful, and audacious things people put on Facebook. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never.

Today, Im not on Facebook and Im okay with that.