Wheels of Steel

Car buying can be a headache. The process of sitting at a dealership for hours is enough to saddle me back into the seat of my old hoopty and keep it moving. Furthermore the idea of being duped on a purchase is even more of an annoyance.

But, we cant be held hostage to hour fears forever so there’s nothing left to do but get on with it and get it over with, though ┬ánot with haste might I add. I advise that you know exactly what you want in your next vehicle and know what your expectations are; believe it or not, they are not the same thing.

What I wanted was an SUV with a 3rd Row Seat and Rear A/C. Those were my wants/needs. And for the most part, that’s what I got but once I received it. I realized that I also had expectations.

I expected that a 2015 model vehicle should have certain standard features such as lighted vanity mirrors, compass system, secured fuel tank, auxiliary/usb ports, auto on/off headlights, hands-free blue-tooth system, fuel measurement, just to name a few.

As of 2017 technology has advanced in such a way that the aforementioned accommodations would be more of a chore to omit from a vehicle than it would be to include them.

Granted, I do realize that some vehicles are manufactured for specific purposes, such as rentals, fleet use, models, etc., still, I cant help buy feels a tiny bit of buyer’s remorse after having purchased a 2015 Dodge Journey STX.

I purchased this vehicle from CarMax, which BTW is my favorite place to buy cars. They have streamlined the car buying process to a science and made it less daunting for consumers. The time I spent actually purchasing the vehicle was far less time consuming than my decision making process. I appreciate that greatly. Im sure CarMax has an internal sequential process that is not specifically disclosed to customers but I know there is some type of ordered steps in this process due to the fact that I didnt spend hours sitting at the cube or desk of a desperate sales-person haggling over the price of the vehicle.

Meanwhile after having and driving the 2015 Dodge Journey STX for approximately 6 Days, I’ve discovered a few things about this make and model. *Disclaimer: I haven’t read the manual for this vehicle yet (but who does?) I’m still getting to know some of the features and discovering those that are available and those that are not. The list below is not exclusive of the information that was advertised of the vehichle’s features however they are items that I immediately noticed as absent.

  1. The fuel tank doesn’t lock.
  2. There are no lights around the vanity mirror.
  3. The blue-tooth capability of this model may or may not be available in the one that I purchased. While there is a U-Connect menu option that displays when I start the car, upon calling the number on the screen for assistance, the representative informed me that this was not available in my vehicle. Im not sure how true this is.
  4. Remote start. Either of have yet to learn this feature or its non-existent. Although, it was advertised on CarMax’s ad.
  5. The lights are on automatic. I found this to be the most minimal of the features that should be standard. I own a 2008 sedan that is equipped with auto on/off light but Dodge couldnt find the space to add them into a 2015? Wow.
  6. Compass/navigation. Either it doesnt exist or I dont know how to access it. A best if a system has an LCD touch screen, the inclusion of a basic compass navigation should be present #dodgefailmaybe.
  7. The glove compartment is TINY. I have been guilty of stuffing the GC with as many random “you-never-know” items as possible but this GC is doesnt even have enough space for the “just-in-case” items such as travel wipes, a small note book, and pen. You’d think there was a real space compromise on this but eh…its minor. I’ll let it pass.

Again, I stress, I havent gotten to know the full extent of the in-dash LCD system yet but there are definitely some limitations. I’ll update this post as I discover new feature leads.